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Well, my father gave me a 35mm camera on my 15th birthday and I’ve not put it down since … that was a “few” years ago now. Ok, I’ve changed cameras several times since then, but the Photography aspect continues.

I now shoot Digital SLR’s (Single-Lens Reflex Cameras), Medium Format 120/220 SLR’s and 35mm SLR’s (I still love the feel of a film camera – all Film Cameras feel “real” and very as if you can be extremely creative for some reason). I typically shoot with Nikon Digital SLRs and Nikon 35mm Film SLRs, with the occasional outing using a Medium Format Camera. Film has an entirely different look to it in my opinion…

I enjoy what I do – I love architecture. I love to look at it, I love to walk through it and I love to photograph it … after all, I am also a licensed architect. It runs through my veins.

Currently licensed to practice architecture in three states (Arizona, California and Hawaii), I “see” architecture … I feel it. Because I design it, draw it and imagine it – I can get into it with pictures/imagery/photography and pick up the beauty of it. That is one advantage that I may have over other architectural photographers (in fact, most all other photographers). You might say that Architecture is my life.

… And oh yes, I still have that first little 35mm Film Camera. It is a Konica C35 Auto ‘Rangefinder’ with a 35mm f2.8 Lens (pictured above as my icon) – and it is a great little camera to this day, as many “Street Photographers” use this and similar cameras for their craft. ( – I don’t think I’ve ever run a roll of color film through it to date as I love the B&W images I got from it – )

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“John 6:35”

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